On Sept. 15, companies will gather at Otterbein University for a team-building competition that will showcase their skills outside the office.


The Greater Columbus Sports Commission Community Cup, presented by The Columbus Foundation, is a one-day challenge that rallies organizations to compete in all-skill-level contests that builds camaraderie, promotes the importance of physical fitness and showcases why Columbus is a top place to live, work and play.

The Community Cup will kickoff with opening ceremonies where participants, families and friends will gather to wish each other good luck before starting the competitions. Trophies will be awarded for each division per contest immediately following the completion of events.

The Greater Columbus Sports Commission is a non-profit organization with a mission to rally Columbus to compete and win sporting events, providing a singular athlete and fan experience and positively impacting image, economy and lifestyle.

Since 2002, the Greater Columbus Sports Commission has booked more than 427 new sporting events for the Columbus Region, generating an estimated $535 million in visitor spending. Those millions of dollars go back into the city, improving quality of life for our community and boosting economic growth.

Presented by

The Community Cup would not be possible without the support of its partners.

The Columbus Foundation, our presenting sponsor, is the trusted philanthropic advisor® to more than 2,500 individuals, families, and businesses that have created unique funds and planned gifts to make a difference in the lives of others through the most effective philanthropy possible.

The Foundation's Center for Corporate Philanthropy is designed to help established and new central Ohio businesses make their charitable investments—within the company and in the broader community—as cost-effective and efficient as possible. The Employee Assistance Program helps businesses support their employees during times of hardship and disaster to ensure they have the assistance they need when it’s needed most.

Learn more at http://cbusfdn.org/EAP.

Events &

The Community Cup will include 8 events; 4 Wellness and 4 Competitive. The event will also feature 2 active zones; a Tailgate Zone for participants to recharge between activities and a Family Fun Zone for friends and families.

The Venue

Otterbein University proudly stands as one of the most innovative and inclusive universities in the country. Since its founding in 1847, Otterbein has been recognized for its pace-setting ideals—for its nationally ground-breaking integrative studies curriculum; its standing among the country’s smartest experiential learning programs; and its commitment to serve a greater good. Otterbein’s perfect location in picturesque Westerville—just minutes away from downtown Columbus—gives students impressive internship and networking experience. Otterbein students and alumni STAND OUT as professionals and leaders who advance their professions and their communities.


Organizations will be placed into divisions depending on the number of employees in their Columbus Region offices.

Charity Challenge

The Columbus Foundation, our presenting sponsor, serves more than 2,500 individuals, families, and businesses that have created unique funds and planned gifts to make a difference in the lives of others through the most effective philanthropy possible. Nearly 75 years strong, The Columbus Foundation is Your Trusted Philanthropic Advisor® and the eighth largest community foundation in the United States.

For this year’s Community Cup, the Charity Challenge will contribute to The Columbus Foundation’s Gifts of Kindness program.

Through Gifts of Kindness, The Columbus Foundation partners with 26 local nonprofit agencies to identify individuals experiencing an unforeseen hardship and help them get back on their feet by providing them with one-time grants.

The grants, typically between $500 - $3,000, go toward expenses associated with the hardship and help stem any ripple effects of it. Often, these expenses include the cost of transportation, utility assistance, or help with rent. The Gift of Kindness grant provides an immediate financial boost to help individuals and families continue a path to independence and sustainability.

Charity Challenge Scoring

Donations can be made either by the team members individually or the company on behalf of their team. In doing so, the team will receive 10 points, regardless of donation size. Team members/teams can donate starting Monday, Aug. 27 through Friday, Sept. 14. Each team is eligible for a maximum of 10 points regardless of how many team members donate and the points will go toward the team’s Community Cup total on event day (Sept. 15).

Steps to participate in the Charity Challenge

 1  Community Cup team members can donate to Gifts of Kindness by clicking here.
 2  Team members can either create an account or click “continue as guest”
 3  Upon donating, team members should note in the Special Instructions box that this donation is part of The Community Cup Charity Challenge and the team name they are affiliated


Q When does the event take place?
The event takes place on Saturday, Sept. 15 at Otterbein University. Check in begins at 7 a.m. and closing ceremonies wrap by 2 p.m.
Q What is the timeline/important dates?
  1. June 12 – Registration Opens
  2. August 23 – Registration Closes
  3. August 23 – Roster Submission Closes
  4. August 27 – Charity Challenge Begins
  5. September 5 – Team Orientation and Packet Pick-up
  6. September 14 – Charity Challenge Ends
  7. September 15 – Event Day
Q What is the minimum age for participants?
All participants must be 18 years old by event day.
Q How many events can each individual participant compete in?
Each team member may participate in up to two (2) competitive events (3v3 basketball, dodgeball and tug of war) in addition to the 5k race. However, competitions will not be delayed waiting on participants if they are still participating in other events. Companies are encouraged to fill their slots with as many participants as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts and to encourage participation. Competitions will not be delayed for participants coming from other events.
Q What are eligibility requirements for team members?
Each member of a team must be an employee of the organization fielding the team and must work at least 20 hours per week. Ineligible team members include: family members of employees, contractors (unless contracted solely with competing organization), volunteers and board members who are not employed by the company. Please note: no individual competitor may compete in more than one (1) team.
Q How will organizations be scored based on size of company?
Organizations will be placed into divisions depending on the number of employees in their Columbus Region offices.
  1. Division I: (1,000 + employees)
  2. Division II: (500-999 employees)
  3. Division III: (100-499 employees)
  4. Division IV (Under 100 employees)
Q Is there a limit to the size of team per company? Is there a minimum?
We cap the team size to 100 participants. However, the average team size can range from 30 – 60 members. This gives plenty of individual capacity to compete in events without being spread too thin.
Q Who will be managing the scoring?
Between graduate students at Otterbein University and several volunteers of the Greater Columbus Sports Commission, we will have you covered at each event! We will be outsourcing to some official referees where needed.
Q Can substitutions to the team roster be made on the day of the event?
Actually, thanks to technology, an app called FIELD will be available to make last minute changes as needed. Life happens, so we wanted to make sure this was possible.
Q Will the 5k be timed/chipped?
Yes, each participant will be assigned a BIB with a timing tag, which will determine placing and scoring.
Q Can we enter more than one person per age group in the 5k?
Absolutely. However, only the top finisher per age group, per gender will count in the scoring for your team.
Q Will recovery items be provided at the finish line of the 5k?
Yes, our friends at M3S Sports will be providing ample hydration and nutrition at the finish line.
Q Will the participants in the Golf Chipping Challenge be shooting from natural or artificial turf?
Participants will be hitting from turf mats and participants will provide their own golf clubs.
Q Can tug of war participants wear cleats?
Rubber or plastic cleats will be permitted, but no metal cleats are allowed. Gloves are also permitted but will not be provided by event management.
Q Where is parking for the event?
There will be ample parking with marked signage located at the surrounding lots of the Campus Center.
Q Can we field second teams in any of the events?
No. To keep things fair, we allow only one (1) team per event per company.
Q Can we bring our own tailgate materials?
Yes! We encourage you to bring food and snacks, grills, etc. throughout the day and preorder lunch from our friends at Giant Eagle Market District Catering.
Q Can we bring alcohol?
Alcohol is prohibited as Otterbein University is a dry campus. Let's please be respectful of our site!
Q Will there be medical assistance on site?
Yes! Safety for all of our participants is our main priority. First aid, on-site injury evaluation and care, hydration stations, EMS and ice bags will be provided to all registered participants on an as-needed basis for all registered participants who have signed the liability waiver.
Q What happens in the case of inclement weather?
If it's raining lightly, we will continue to proceed with all applicable events under tents and those that take place indoors. Weather forecasts will be monitored closely prior to the event, paying close attention to heavy rain, thunder and lightening, high winds and/or extreme temperatures. The 5k race will be monitored more closely due to its nature and outside course; visible lightening will cause the race to be postponed for a minimum of 30 minutes. Additional sightings will continue to delay the race in 30-minute increments. If extreme heat is predicted, extra water will be provided to athletes and the medical team on-site will be on high alert.
Q What activities will be available throughout the day for non-competing spouses and kids?
The sporting events themselves are only for adult participants that are employees of the company, on the team roster, and have submitted a liability waiver. There are activities for spectators and kids in the Family Fun Zone in the parking lot adjacent to the Student Center. Giant Eagle Market District Catering will be providing some refreshments and teams will be invited to purchase catering packages from them prior to event day for delivery as wanted. Kids, friends, and spouses are all invited to participate in the 5k or one-mile at no charge, though these participants will not be scored as part of the team. There will also be an ample kids zone with fun and ongoing activities throughout the day.
Q What is the pet policy for the Community Cup?
For liability reasons, no pets or animals will be allowed on the premises of Otterbein University during The Community Cup. To respect University policy as well as provide safety of spectators, participants, and animals, this rule applies to all events and all areas of the campus during the duration of The Community Cup.


The Community Cup is using Field to process registrations and organize the day of events. Once your company is fully registered, you'll also be able to use Field to manage the team roster and communicate with your teammates. Please follow these steps to register:
1 If you're the team captain, head over to the Community Cup on Field. Here's the link: https://field.cool/activity/68/
2 Click on register.
  1. If this is the first time you've used Field, you'll first create your free Field account.
  2. Continue following the steps to complete your registration for the Community Cup. During registration, you'll pick a name for your company’s team and pay the registration fee. You'll also sign a waiver for yourself.
3 Once your company is registered, you'll then ask your coworkers to join on Field so you can build your roster.
  1. Send them this link and ask them to click on register: https://field.cool/activity/68/
  2. Have them select your existing team in the registration process.
  3. They won't be asked to pay anything - the full process will be free for them.
  4. They will be asked to sign a waiver for themselves.
  5. Once they have registered, you'll get a notification to approve their registration on your team.
That's it. We can't wait to see how you do at the Community Cup. Good luck!