The Community Cup, presented by The Columbus Foundation, is designed to bring the community together. Whether participants show up to claim the Cup or they simply want to build camaraderie among their co-workers, we know that this experience is special. Understanding that the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has temporarily changed the way we interact with sports, we have carefully considered how we will move forward with the event to prioritize the health and safety of the participants, staff and volunteers.

This year’s Community Cup will be a combination of in-person and virtual events. The following FAQ addresses the format and safety protocols we’ll be implementing.

The Greater Columbus Sports Commission will continue to work in accordance with Gov. DeWine’s mandates and align with the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerning COVID-19.

Q: Will the Community Cup be held in 2020? 

A: Yes! We will still hold the 2020 Community Cup. However, the event will be adapted to safely include both in-person and virtual events.

Q: Which events are virtual?   

A: There are two (2) virtual events – Fortress Obetz 5K Race and AEP Ohio One-mile Walk.

Q: Which events are in-person?  

A: There are nine (9) in-person events: Cornhole Toss, G&J Pepsi Football Toss, Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Shot, Frisbee Toss, Soccer Kick, Lacrosse Passing, HNS Sports Golf Chipping, Columbus Clippers Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby and Ohio State Athletics Basketball Shooting Competition.

Q: How will it work? 

A:  The Community Cup will begin with the virtual Opening Ceremonies on Friday, July 31 via Zoom.

In-person events will kick off on Saturday, Aug. 1. Each team will select a time slot between Aug. 1-5 to participate in the events at Fortress Obetz.

The virtual 5K Race and One-mile Walk events can be completed any time between Aug. 1-5. More information can be found on the Team Resources page.

The Closing Ceremonies and Awards Presentation will take place virtually following the in-person events on Thursday, Aug. 6, at 4pm via Zoom.

Please note: schedule is subject to change.

Q: What are the other changes to the 2020 Community Cup? 

A: The 2020 Community Cup will look different as we comply with state and local guidelines and public health requirements. This year’s event will not include Tug of War or Dodgeball competition. The Tailgate Zone and Family Fun Zone will also be removed. We plan to bring back these elements in 2021!

Please see question below for details on safety procedures.

Q: What is the format for the virtual 5K Race? 

A: Each participant can register for the virtual 5K Race here before Aug. 1. Registered runners will be able to complete the 5K Race any time between Aug. 1-5 and report their times to earn points for their team. Scoring for the 5K Race is detailed in the Community Cup handbook. The top race times for male and female per age group will be accumulated to determine the top scoring teams.

To register:

Each 5K Race participant will be required to sign-up here

The participant will sign-up as a member of their team’s “Group/Team Name” and must sign the waiver. If you are unable to locate your team’s “Group/Team Name” you can confirm your company is registered by visiting the Competing Companies page

The runner will complete the 5K any time between Aug. 1-5 and submit their results here

Final race results will be posted by Aug. 6.

Q: What is the format for the virtual One-mile Walk? 

A: You can participate in the One-mile Walk by getting outside to walk in your neighborhood or local parks between Aug. 1-5. To earn points, either self-report your walk to your team captain or post photos or videos of your walk on social media using the hashtag #CbusCommunityCup and tagging @columbus_sports (Twitter or Instagram) or Greater Columbus Sports Commission (Facebook) and your company. If your social media accounts are private, please send your photos/videos to your team captain to make sure your points are recorded. We encourage participants to bring family members and pets along on their walks!

Q: I want to run the virtual 5K Race, but my company cannot participate this year. Can I still be a part of this event? 

A: Yes! By donating $10 to the Community Cup, you will be able to individually sign-up for the virtual 5K Race here and will be listed as “unattached.” Your results will be recorded but will not be added to a team score. You will still receive a finisher’s certificate and be able to share your run!

Q: What is the minimum number of team participants required for in-person events? 

A: Each event requires a minimum of four (4) participants. The same four team members can participate in ALL events.

Q: Will there be scoring for the 2020 events? 

A: Yes! Scoring by each event will be detailed in the Community Cup handbook and winners will still be determined by division.

Q: When and where will we see our team scores? 

A: Team points will be added to the results tab on the Community Cup website as they are collected. You can expect to see your final score by the Closing Ceremonies and Awards Presentation on Thursday, Aug. 6.

Q: Are there other ways to earn points for my team? 

A: Yes! Here are three ways to earn points, aside from event participation:

Practicing at Home: Team members can earn points from July 1-31 by showing how they are practicing any Community Cup events from home. Simply post photo or video of your practice session on social media with the hashtag #CbusCommunityCup and tag @columbus_sports (Twitter or Instagram) or Greater Columbus Sports Commission (Facebook) and your company. If your social media accounts are private, please send your practice photos/videos to your team captain to make sure your points are recorded. Each participant earns one point for submitting their at-home practice, and teams can earn up to 50 points total.

Charity Challenge: You can also earn points while giving back with the Charity Challenge (see below for details) until Aug. 5.

Spirit of Sports Award: Teams are encouraged to show company pride by posting a team photo, team poster or encouraging message to social media during the drop-in event window from Aug. 1-5. Tag @columbus_sports (Twitter or Instagram) or Greater Columbus Sports Commission (Facebook) and your company and use hashtag #CbusCommunityCup in any posts to earn the full 10 points. If your social media accounts are private, please send your photos/videos to your team captain to make sure your points are recorded.

Q: How will the Charity Challenge work in 2020? 

A: This year, you can earn points by donating to the Mid-Ohio Food Collective (formerly the Mid-Ohio Food Bank) or The Columbus Foundation until Aug. 5. Here are three ways to participate in the Charity Challenge:

Donate directly to The Columbus Foundation here. Email your donation receipt to msexton@columbussports.org to get credit for the donation.

If you are participating in in-person events, you may bring Mid-Ohio Food Collective donation items with you to Fortress Obetz during your time slot or send your items with your teammates to drop off. Please bring them in a box, clearly labeled with “Community Cup” and your team name.

If you are only participating in virtual events, you may bring donation items to the Mid-Ohio Food Collective during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.) and email the donation receipt to Meghan Sexton at msexton@columbussports.org. Make sure that your items are labeled with your team’s name and “Community Cup.”

Click here for information on accepted donation items. Due to COVID-19, the following items are in most need: Personal Protection Equipment (face masks), cleaning supplies, household products, pastas, rice, flour, proteins and kid-friendly snacks.

Q: What safety requirements will be in effect at drop-in events? 

A: To keep our staff and participants safe, we’re committed to following state and local guidelines for public safety. We’ve developed a robust safety plan that includes details on:

Mass gatherings: Each team will sign-up for its own competition time slot between Aug. 1-5 at Otterbein University to reduce crowds and comply with state requirements on mass gatherings.

Social distancing: All participants are required to maintain a six-foot distance while at the event. This includes competing and waiting for events.

Hand sanitizer: Every event station will have hand sanitizer, and participants are encouraged to use it at each event.

Temperature checks: OhioHealth and event staff will conduct temperature checks for in-person event participants at Otterbein University.

Equipment: All event equipment will be sanitized between uses so each participant will use clean equipment. Sharing equipment between team members will be minimized.

Face coverings: Masks and other face coverings are required for participants. Community Cup staff members will be required to wear masks.

Spectators: To reduce crowd size, team participants will not be allowed to bring spectators to the event. This includes children, pets and other family members.

Hydration stations: There will not be shared hydration stations, so please bring your own water bottle.

Self-assessment: Our staff asks participants to self-assess daily for COVID-19 symptoms and please stay home if they are feeling sick.

*Please note: all safety measures are subject to change. 

Q: Will there be restrooms on-site? 

A: Yes. Restrooms will be accessible near the entrance at Fortress Obetz. Restrooms will be cleaned every two hours.

Q: If I have a question that is not answered above or in the handbook, who can I contact? 

A: Our team will be working directly with your Team Captain(s) leading up to the Community Cup. Please check-in your with Team Captain with any questions you may have.