Virtual 5K Race

The 5K Race, presented by Fortress Obetz, has an unlimited number of participants per team. Each participant who completes and submits their virtual 5K time will receive five (5) points with a maximum of 100 points per team. 

However, the top male and female in each age group will receive bonus points. Runners will be competing against other runners within the same group and company division to receive these points. Times will be submitted via a results link, which will be emailed to all participants prior to Aug. 1.  

How to register: 

Each 5K participant will be required to sign-up here.

The participant will sign-up as a member of their team’s “Group/TeamName” and sign the waiver. If you are unable to locate your team’s “Group/Team Name”, you can confirm your company is registered by visiting the Competing Companies page here. 

The runner will complete a 5K any time between Aug. 1-5 and submit their results on the 5K website here.

Race results will be posted at the conclusion of the 5K dates by Aug. 6. 

A team’s top male and female finisher from each age group (29U, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+) will have their points combined to determine each team’s point total for the race, which will then award a first, second, third and fourth place (100, 75, 50, and 25 points respectively). 

The following apps are recommended to track your race and time: RunkeeperMap my Run, PelotonStrava, Nike+ Run Club, Adidas Running